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Freezer Burn - Novel
James has a problem. His energy bills are far too expensive, his mortgage has almost bankrupted him, and an unexpected snowfall has left him unable to ply his trade as a bricklayer. To make matters worse, in a panic, he has just covered up the death of a young saleswoman who died in his home. Her death was not his fault, but now that he has stashed her body in his freezer, it is certain to look like murder.
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Murder Contingency Plan - Novel
When David Davies, wannabe entrepreneur, suggests opening an exclusive strip club for the wealthy and powerful, Pete naturally assumes he is dreaming. Little does he know that his deconstructive criticism will be instrumental in making the club a reality, and ultimately responsible for the murder that will take place within its walls... After all, politicians and strippers sharing the same space is a recipe for disaster, isn't it?
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The Jabberwocky - Adapted for Radio. (Script Writer & Production Credits)

A fictional account of the arrest and incarceration of Jason Berwock, notorious serial killer, and the contagious case of his madness.
Part 1. Video Game, Film and Foley Work
Player Reactive Sound Environments in Source Engine
A custom game environment created from scratch to demonstrate a new method of blending sound environments using triggers to control audio volumes in game. All the audio is original and was recorded and placed in the game environment by myself.

0:05 - Beach / Outdoors
1:07 - Beach-Cave Blend
1:40 - Factory / Industrial
2:55 - Cave
4:15 - Indoor / Winter
4:45 - Servers / Computers
6:01 - Rain / Forest / Storm
7:02 - Haunted Warehouse
9:55 - Sci-Fi Teleporter
Re-Foley of the Kitchen Scene from Jurassic Park
The iconic movie scene stripped of its soundtrack and completely re-dubbed by myself with original sounds.
Destroy The Brain
Created during the GamesEden Games Jam 2010.

Part 2. Audio Production, Mixing & Mastering Examples
Ithael - Hollow
From Club Hypochondriac EP (2012)
Tom Farrall - Heat Rays and Tripods
Radio Documentary (2010)
I can't spell blues without u
Personal Project (2009)

And this website, naturally.
For more information on my work, or to involve me in a project of your own, please don't hesitate to contact me at petersperring@clockworkvillage.co.uk
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